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I’ve spent the last decade working in the fitness industry, and the past seven running a fitness studio focused on helping people transform their entire lives for the better.  In doing so, I've incorporated my education and expertise as a licensed mental health professional to the weight loss and fitness front.

I’ve coached and mentored men, women, teens, business professionals, parents, retirees, and more. I've helped people lose 10, 20, and up to 50 pounds; reclaiming their lives and happiness.  I've coached people to complete their first 5k, triathlon, or marathon.  I've helped people avoid medication for diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and more. 

Along the way I’ve developed a philosophy and approach to fitness and weight loss that centers on Training the Brain as an integral part of success.  This approach has helped hundreds of my clients break away from the dreaded yo-yo up and down that discourages and disappoints so many people.  
In WHY THE GYM DIDN'T WORK FOR YOU I've shared why the typical path fails so many people, and how my "Train the Brain" approach can be the alternative that offers life-long results and success. I break it down so that you have essentially everything you need to know in order to finally break the yo-yo and embark on your unique, transformative experience. 

Because I’m committed to getting this this book in as many hands as possible, I want to make sure that anyone who shows their support and orders WHY THE GYM DIDN'T WORK FOR YOU gets some awesome free bonuses as my way of saying Thank You.
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